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SEO for Yoga Studios: How you can Improve your Yoga Studio’s Visibility on Google – Organically

If you own a yoga studio or yoga school, you probably have a Google Business Profile. What’s that you might ask? That is your studios listing that comes up on Google Maps. And you can optimize it in a way that will improve your yoga studio’s overall visibility on Google! SEO for Yoga Studios does not have to be hard, you just have to leverage the power of local SEO optimization!

Well, what does Google Maps have to do with Google search results and SEO for yoga studios you might ask?

When people search for something locally, by adding the keyword [city] to it, for example ‘yoga new york’, Google displays the top 3 results from Google Maps on the first page of the Google results. This means that Google Maps locations for the ‘top’ yoga studios in that area will appear in the search results, and even before the best ranking website! Don’t you want your yoga studio to be listed within the top 3 Google Maps results that Google is displaying for that local keyword? You can achieve that with a few SEO hacks!

Google SEO for Yoga Studios and how you can utilize the Power of Your Google Business Profile

This example shows that the top Yoga Studios in New York are what Google shows at the very beginning of the search results (on Desktop) when people search for a local business (i.e. a yoga studio in New York).

The same goes for mobile search, which is even more important for local search queries. The only difference is that on mobile view (i.e. from a person’s phone), Google displays Google Ads prior to the Google Maps results. (This does not mean you have to do Google Ads!).

This means that a yoga studio’s Google Maps listing will be ranked within the first half of the first search results page, and even before all of the (organically) best ranking yoga websites! And all of this with using the power of local SEO for yoga studios.

SEO for yoga studios - local search

Why Google and Google Maps Search Results Matter for Yoga SEO and How Yoga Studios can improve their Visibility

About 90% of people who use the internet use search engines like Google to find local businesses in their area. The term that describes the Marketing aspect of this fact is called Local SEO or Local Search Marketing (local search engine optimization). For example, people might search for ‘Vegan Restaurant near me’, ‘Plumber New Orleans’, or ‘Yoga San Francisco’.

Your visibility determines if people are going to find your Yoga Studio. This means that you want to improve your visibility on Google Maps and Google. And this can be done organically, with SEO. Read on to find out how you can improve your Yoga Studio’s visibility with local SEO for Yoga Studios.

SEO Check: How Visible is your yoga studio on Google?

SEO for yoga studios - services

You can easily check it for yourself and just search for Yoga + your City on Google (for example yoga chicago; note that search queries are usually always spelled with lower case letters).

The search results are split into the top 3 (sometimes up to 4) results from Google Maps and the ‘classic’ Google search results (meaning good-ranking websites).

Depending on the user’s location, Google sometimes displays Google Ads too. Nevertheless, about 50-60% of all clicks go to the results in Google Maps and, primarily on the top 3 results (according to a study by MOZ)!

This might lead you to realize that your yoga studio’s Google Maps Profile (properly called your Google Business Profile, or short GBP) is the most important SEO channel for your studios ranking and online visibility!

The Most Important SEO Factors that Determine your Yoga Studio’s Visibility on Google Maps

There are three main factors that determine how visible your Yoga Studio is on Google Maps.

  1. Relevance: This means the match of the content of the search with the presented offer of your online presence. The better your content matches a user’s search, the more likely your Google Profile willl be displayed amongst the top 3 results.
  2. Distance: If the search query does not contain a location (such as “yoga chicago”), search results are automatically displayed in the proximity of the user. The closer a local business is to the user, the more likely it is to be listed prominently within the results. Using the city of Chicago as an example, if a user only searches for “yoga”, Google is most likely to display yoga studios that are close to the center of Chicago.
  3. Brand Awareness: Awareness is made up of, among other things, targeted brand demand for your Yoga Studio as well as classic signals such as mentions, number and quality of Google reviews.

While distance can only be effectively influenced by moving the business, relevance and brand awareness can be actively optimized.

Note that the displayed search results may vary from user to user. This is because Google might show you different results based on your current location, but also based on your search history, browser settings and personal preferences. There are tools however that let you determine your yoga studio’s ranking position without the influence of location and personal user data. This way, you can get a neutral snapshot of your current visibility.

SEO for Yoga Studios – The most important Yoga Keywords

Find out how users and potential new yoga students search for your services (Yoga classes, workshops, events and other offerings).

If you want to reach new students, who are actively searching for yoga classes near and around your studio’s location, you need to know which keywords those potential new students and customers are using when searching for your business offerings.

For Yoga Studios, the most important yoga SEO keywords are usually ‘yoga + [city]’ (i.e. yoga chicago) and ‘yoga class + [city]’ (i.e. yoga class chicago).

Especially in bigger cities and with lots of competitors around, it might make sense to focus on the district or neighborhood instead of the city, like for example yoga lincoln park, as it might be easier and faster to optimize your ranking and visibility for this neighborhood instead of for the whole city of Chicago.

Easy SEO for Yoga Studios: Optimize your Yoga Studio’s Google Business Profile and Improve your Online Visibility

Your profile on Google Maps is fed from the data of your Google Business Profile (GBP), provided you have created the listing yourself and added the correct information about your Yoga Studio. GBP is the first point of contact for SEO optimization.

1. Ensure you got the basics right

It is absolutely necessary that the following things are correctly selected in your GBP profile:

  • Address
  • Opening hours
  • Website URL
  • Phone number

2. Optimize the categories

Adding ‘Yoga Studio’ as the primary category on GBP is the standard. You can however add more categories (called secondary categories), that will most likely help to increase your studio’s visibility (based on our experience with optimizing more than 30 yoga GBP listings within the last 12 months).

3. Add high-quality pictures and a SEO optimized description

While the description primarily fulfills pure SEO purposes – Google itself has confirmed that this is used for rankings (so keywords, synonyms, locality and services should appear here!) – the photos and videos are to be understood primarily for a better conversion rate from searchers to customers. If they find you, you should convince with the pictures and ideally represent the yoga classes and services, the team and the interior. Make sure to add high-quality pictures only and a logo!

4. Optimize your website – Improve SEO results

Yes, your website does play a role. Even though we are talking about your GBP listing and essentially your ranking on Google Maps, these two influence each other. The better your yoga studio’s website (from an SEO perspective), the more visibility your Google Maps listing will have. And this does not mean that you have to do a whole website relaunch or spend $$$$ on a professional website. There are a few major factors that can already improve your SEO results (like site titles, meta descriptions, adding certain keywords to your website).

5. Get more Google Reviews

Yes, the quantity and quality of Google reviews that your Google Maps listing has also has an influence on your ranking and visibility. Therefore, I highly suggest you ask your students every now and then (at least ask one student once per week!) to kindly write a Google Review.

Want to know more about SEO for Yoga Studios?

As experts in Local Marketing for Yoga Studios and Yoga SEO with a love for Yoga, our offering includes optimizing all these points mentioned above any many more (yes, obviously we did not tell you ALL the secrets of optimizing your GBP and your website!).

Book a Discovery Call now and we will analyze the potential for optimization and improvement of visibility as well as the current the SEO ranking for your Yoga Studio today!

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Let’s get your studio’s rank & visibility up and attract more students to your yoga classes!

To see what is included in the SEO service for yoga studio’s, check out this overview

What is SEO for yoga studios?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of ways to improve your studio’s SEO. One of them is by optimizing your yoga studio’s website (for example the speed) and your website content. Another is Local SEO Marketing, which deals with optimizing your Google Business Profile, so that you rank higher on Google Maps when people search for a yoga studio in their (and your) area.

How can yoga studios optimize their SEO?

Local yoga studios can easily improve their SEO with Local SEO Marketing. One of the major factors of Local SEO Marketing is your Google Maps visibility, which you can manage and optimize through your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). With a high visibility on Google Maps, your yoga studio will show up in the local 3-pack for local searches and thus have your studio rank on Google’s page 1 search results!

What is Local SEO Marketing for yoga studios?

Local SEO Marketing for yoga studios is the easiest and most effective way to increase your studio’s online visibility and improve your ranking, and it’s all done organically! Local SEO has the highest potential to bring your yoga studio to the front of the search results page, by ranking your yoga studio organically within the Local 3-pack (the first three Google Maps results)!

How much does SEO Marketing for yoga studios cost?

Our local SEO optimization for yoga studios is currently available for only $990! Check the details of our current SEO offer here.