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5 FREE SEO Tools for Yoga Studios

free seo tools yoga

Do you own a yoga studio and need to make some improvements to your online presence and visibility? Perhaps you want to rank higher on Google organically and attract new students to your yoga studio? But you do not want to spend a lot of cash on a professional SEO Marketing Agency to help? Well, hiring a Marketing Agency is never a bad idea and in general, you will always see a ROI (return on investment). In any case, there are a few FREE SEO tools you can use!

Especially if you know a little something about Marketing and are not tech-averse or simply unable to afford some professional SEO help, there are a few improvements you can easily do yourself with these pretty amazing and FREE SEO tools. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and can help you to organically improve the visibility of your website and your yoga studio by giving you important insights into your current standing as well as show you different ways to improve your online presence and thus, rank higher.

The best FREE SEO Tools for your Yoga Studio

All of the following SEO tools are completely free. Some you can use instantly and for others, you might need a minute or two to set up an account. But it’s still free. I must mention that some of the free SEO tools won’t give you as much insight as the paid version, but it is still something. And it’s free. You need to be able to know what to do with this information though, in order to improve your yoga website’s ranking and your studio’s visibility.

The best free SEO tools for yoga studios:

  1. Google Search Console (GSC)
  2. Ahrefs Keyword Generator
  3. Surfer Local Rank Checker
  4. Google Keyword Planner
  5. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (free version)

1. Google Search Console

If you’re not yet using Google Search Console (GSC), you’re missing out on important and very useful insights on how your yoga studio is being found online and what keywords drive potential customers to your website! It’s fairly easy to get GSC going, all you need to do is to add a new property (a.k.a your website URL) and verify the ownership of that website.

Let’s have a look at the Google Search Console Dashboard, so you get what I am saying:

SEO Tools Google Search Console Yoga Studio

Google Search Console is one of the bet free SEO tools and gives you the following insights:

  • Queries: a.k.a. the keywords/search terms that people enter on Google that might or might not make them click on your website. For example a search query like “Yoga New York”. This allows you to see with which keywords your studio’s website is being discovered by searchers. It might not be the keywords you think you would be found through.
  • Impressions: The number of people who saw your website in the Google search results for a specific search term. Let’s say you’re a yoga studio in New York and people search for “Yoga New York”. You might have hundreds of impressions for that search term, meaning hundreds of people see your website in the search results, but this does not mean they actually click on your website, too. They simply see it in their search results, amongst other results (i.e. your competitors).
  • Clicks: This is the number of people who actually click on your website after an impression (i.e. after seeing your website popping up on the search results pages).
  • CTR: Click-Through-Rate. If a thousand people see your website in the search results (= 1,000 impressions for a certain keyword), and out of those 1,000 people 50 actually click on your website, you have a CTR of 5%. Here is the simple formula for calculating your CTR: clicks ÷ impressions = CTR. The notion of what a “good” CTR is depends largely on the industry, as the average CTR differs from industry to industry quite a bit. Here is a benchmark overview of standard CTR’s for different industries. According to that overview, the average CTR across all industries is somewhere around 6.64%.

    In general, if you have a low CTR, ask yourself why so many people see your website in the search results (= impressions), but do not actually click. Maybe it’s worthwhile to improve your website content for certain keywords that you actually want to rank for. To see which page ranks for a particular keyword, just click on the search query and then on “pages”, to find out. In general, it might be a good idea to optimize the meta description for that page and also optimize the page title to make it more appealing when it appears it the search results.
  • Position: Shows you the average position of your website (ranking) for a certain keyword. A position between 1-3 would be ideal, as the top 3 organic results on Google Search Results Pages (SERP) get about 75% of all clicks and most people do not even pass the first page of the SERPs!

2. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

While Ahrefs is a great tool, most yoga studios probably do not need to sign up and pay $99/month for the basic plan in order to get the data they need. Unless you want to and understand how to use the different Ahrefs tools in depth. It’s probably better to let a Marketing expert handle the details. Anyways, if you are looking to find relevant yoga keywords and new keyword ideas, you can use the Ahrefs Keyword Generator for free.

This free keyword tool shows you (max 100) keyword ideas for any keyword, plus the monthly search volume for this keyword (important!), keyword difficulty (i.e. how easy is it to rank for this keyword?) and, some keyword related questions people often search for.

Yoga Keywords Free Tools

However, I must say that the free version is not as extensive as the paid version of Ahrefs. Especially for long tail keywords (keywords with more than 2 – 3 words) or keyword related questions, the free keyword tool is not able to pull a lot of data and sometimes even doesn’t show any data. But it can give you some starting points on important and relevant keywords.

Alternatively use UbersSuggest

An alternative to the Ahrefs Keyword Generator is UberSuggest. This tool gives you the monthly search volume for any keyword, the SEO difficulty (how many competitors there are for this keyword), as well as a few keyword ideas and content ideas by showing you websites that rank well for this keyword. The free version of UberSuggest is limited to three searches per day.

You see that the monthly search volume differs quite a bit from tool to tool. That is because all these number are estimated. In the screenshot above, Ahrefs states that “yoga chicago” has a monthly search volume of 1,200 while Ubersuggest shows 1,600. Still, these numbers are a good indicator of how relevant a certain keyword is.

Yoga Keywords Free  SEO Tools Ubersuggest
Yoga Keyword Ideas SEO Tools

3. Surfer Local Rank Checker

Next, let’s dive into the topic of Local SEO. There are not that many free SEO tools for local SEO. Local SEO is a part of SEO that is particularly important for yoga studios and any local (classic brick and mortar style) business. Why? Because according to a recent survey from BrightLocal, in 2021 a whole 99% of consumers used the internet to find information about a local business! Like opening hours, phone number, directions, products (= yoga classes) offered, reviews and so on.

Local searches are highly important for local businesses like yoga studios. Approximately 80% of local searches lead to a conversion within a day. Whenever a user performs a local search like “yoga chicago”, Google presents the so-called “Local Pack” in the search results, above the standard organic results. Hence why Local SEO exists and our Marketing Agency focuses on it.

The Local Pack (Local 3-Pack) are the top 3 Google Maps results that match the local search query. In our case, this would be the “best” 3 yoga studios in Chicago. Why is it important to rank 1 – 3 in the local pack? Because you will never get a better organic ranking that this! These Google Maps results are being displayed by Google on page 1 of the search results, on TOP OF THE PAGE, even before all other organic search results (like the best ranking blogs etc. on this topic or your website, that is, if it ranks on page 1).

Local 3-Pack Free SEO Tools Yoga

A recent study found that around 42 – 44% of users who perform a local search click on the Local 3-Pack search results (instead of the ads shown above or the classic organic website results). Now that you know that, don’t you want your yoga studio to rank within the local 3-pack? I bet you do!

How to use Surfer Local

local rank checker

With Surfer Local, you can check your studio’s present visibility in your area. Just go to the local rank checker and start typing to find your business. Once you found your business listing, the tool asks you to “describe what your clients are looking for”. This means: just enter the keyword you want to check your ranking for.

In most cases and for most yoga studios, the keyword you want to check here is “yoga + [your city]”, i.e. Yoga New York. In our example, I’ve checked the local rank for a studio named Dharma Yoga Center, and Surfer Local shows that it is currently ranking no. 2 for the keyword (= local search query) “Yoga New York”.

google maps ranking yoga studios

If you compare this result with the Google search I’ve performed a few weeks earlier (see screenshot above), this yoga studio used to rank third, but appears to have moved up to rank two, while Modo Yoga is still ranking first.

If you find your yoga studio to rank somewhere below position 5 or 6, you better start with Local SEO Optimization! As most searches chose one of the local businesses that ranks between position 1 and 3 on the local 3-Pack. This right here is our specialty! If you’re interested in Local SEO optimization, check out our current offer.

Google Keyword Planner

Most people do not know this, but you can actually still use the Google Keyword Planner for free and without having to run Google Ads. And it is one of the best free SEO tools! To do that, click here and choose “Go to the Keyword Planner”. You will have to go through a few hoops in order to get to the free Keyword Planner, as Google makes it hard to access it without setting up an ads campaign. However, I can assure you it is (still) possible. Check out the detailed step-by-step explanation from Ahrefs.

Once you’re in, you can use the Keyword planner to discover new keywords and also get search volume and forecasts.

keyword planner for yoga studios

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (free version)

This SEO tool give you free access to two of Ahrefs features, namely the Site Explorer and the Site Audit. However, you can only use those features for free if you sign up and connect your website through GSC to Ahrefs. I totally recommend doing this, unless you want to spend $99/month on this or other SEO tools.

Ahrefs Free Webmaster SEO Tools

In order to use Ahrefs free SEO tools, you need a basic understanding of SEO and some rather technical terms. If you are not familiar with it, I recommend hiring a SEO agency to help you with these more technical parts of SEO.

What these tools allow you to do it to find SEO issues that might be hurting your website’s performance, like broken links on your website. It also shows you the keywords (and the position for each keyword) your site is ranking for and other useful information.

ahrefs webmaster console free seo tool
yoga studios seo tools

I hope this article gave you a good overview of the major free SEO tools for your yoga studio. Let us know in case you have any questions. And enjoy! For more information on how to improve SEO for your yoga website check out our article: 5 most helpful SEO tips.