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Become visible on Google with our Local SEO Optimization for Yoga Studios

Ranking Your Yoga Studio Higher on Google with Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO has the highest potential to bring your yoga studio to the front search results page, by ranking your yoga studio organically within the Local 3-pack. That is where most people click for a local search query (i.e. searching for “Yoga New York”).

If your yoga studio is not showing up on the first page of Google’s local results and within the local 3-pack, you’re losing out on potential customers.

❗ The conversion rate for Local 3-pack compared to organic and paid ads conversions is 500% higher! Yes, 500%. ❗

Also, 80% of local searches lead to a conversion within a day.

Despite these real-life stats, 58% of local businesses still don’t optimize for local search! Is your yoga studio one of them? Time to change that!

What exactly is the Local 3-pack?

The Local 3-pack are the first three Google Maps results that Google displays on the regular Google Search Results Page, on page 1. On top of page 1. Even before all other organic website results. The Local 3-pack is the first thing searches see when they type in a local search query on Google.

Even though recently, Google started showing ads prior to the Local 3-pack, most searches still click on the Local 3-pack results! That’s where most of the attention goes and that is where you want (need!) your yoga studio to show up!

Yoga Studio SEO Services Organic Results
Example of a local search query for “Yoga New York” and the page 1 search results.
SEO services for yoga studios

How can my yoga studio rank in the Local 3-pack?

We will optimize your yoga studio’s Google Business Profile, so that you rank higher for relevant local search terms of potential new customers.

Additionally, we will conduct a full SEO website analysis and increase your online citations.

See what’s included in our Yoga Studio SEO Service.


Get visible on Google Maps (and Google!) with local SEO

We help your yoga studio to become visible on Google and Google Maps.


Attract more students to your yoga classes

By becoming visible on Google Maps, more people will find your yoga studio and as a result, more people will attend your yoga classes and buy your studio’s offerings.


Optimization in just 3 months

Our tested and proven process helps your yoga studio get more visibility in just 3 months – with our local Yoga Studio SEO Marketing!

The Process of our Yoga Studio SEO Service

By optimizing your Google Business Profile (and your website), we help your Google Maps positioning to improve drastically, which in turn drives new customers to your business.

The goal is to get your yoga studio ranking within the top 3 Google Maps results in your city.

Read more about SEO for Yoga Studios and how to improve your ranking and visibility through your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Results – Yoga Studio SEO Marketing Improvements

The first picture shows that the average ranking position (ATRP) for this yoga studio has been successfully and drastically improved by us from rank 14 to rank 2 in less than 6 weeks!

The second picture below illustrates that for another yoga studio, the Google Maps ranking was improved from an average position of 7 to 2,5 in just three months.

Meaning, both yoga studios now rank within the first three local search results (the local 3-pack) for the most important keyword (in local searches). And all of this with our local SEO services for yoga studios!

SEO results marketing services for yoga studios

Ready To Improve Your Yoga Studio’s Visibility?

1. Set a meeting
We will analyze your yoga studio’s current standing AND potential for optimization on Google Maps, and present our findings to you. We will also let you know whether or not we will be able to help your studio’s visibility.

2. Make a decision
Based on our meeting and on your goals, you need to decide if you’re willing to invest a small sum into your yoga studio’s SEO optimization, and if you want to work with us.

3. Get visible on Google!
Once you have decided that you want your yoga studio’s ranking and visibility to improve, we will start optimizing your Google My Business Profile (and other things)! The optimization will be concluded after three months.

SEO for yoga studios - services

The local 3-pack results rank #1 position in 93% of all Google local searches, meaning they are the first thing searches see in the search results.

Why is Google Maps important for Yoga Studio SEO?

Your “Google Maps” profile is prominently displayed when people search for yoga classes or studios within their city, as well as when people search for your yoga studio directly on Google. This means your Google Business Profile plays a very big role in how people perceive you as a yoga studio in general, as it is the first point of reference to your studio.

Potential new students as well as existing customers perceive you absolutely primarily through your Google Business Profile. With local Yoga SEO Marketing, you can improve your Google Maps visibility and thus, your overall visibility on Google, too.

What’s included in the Yoga Studio SEO Local Marketing Optimization?

✔ Optimization of your Google Business Profile (including photos, description, name, services, products, attributes, categories, posts and many more).

✔ Listing of your Yoga Studio on the main online directories (increases citations and backlinks).

✔ A full website analysis including recommendations for action. And if you do not have anybody to implement those recommendations, we will do that for you as well* (except the very technical ones). *Depends on the CMS.

✔ Tips for getting more reviews from happy students.

✔ Professional responses to new Google reviews within 48 hours.

✔ Support with all Google-related questions for up to three months.

One-time fee, for a three-month Local SEO optimization.

SEO services for yoga studio

About LocalYogaSEO

After years of experience in the Local SEO Marketing field for different businesses (mostly dental practices and law firms), was recently established to now exclusively help yoga studios to improve their visibility on Google & Google Maps, so that they can attract more customers and new students.

Because, let’s be real: somehow, most yoga studios are really not using the full potential of SEO and local Marketing strategies, or Marketing in general. Our love for yoga makes us want to help yoga studios in particular. More successful yoga studios equals more people practicing yoga! We want to contribute to that and help Yoga studios grow.

Our passion and love for yoga makes us the perfect partner for your yoga studio!